About Me

I have been working in online spaces for over 15 years, always with the goal to promote equality and collaboration on the web. After years of evangelism and leading projects within virtual worlds, online communities, and social media channels, I started a career as the web accessibility coordinator at a large Fortune 100 company. While there, I focused primarily on implementation strategies for design, development, and process teams across the enterprise. Working with internal and external teams to build a corporate program from the ground up, I built the business case and established accessibility as an integral part of both the design strategy and the software development lifecycle, institutionalizing the process and creating a framework for long-term success. That was a fantastic experience.

Now, many years later with many lessons learned, I have the privilege of supporting the enterprise strategy and business development needs of Simply Accessible, a leading UX firm that delivers insightful and creative accessibility consulting to Fortune 500 corporations, educational institutions, public utilities, government agencies and other private sector clients. Every day, I get to work directly with clients to dream up strategic solutions to big problems, help solve small problems, and craft a blueprint for their journey. What I want most is to ensure that our clients’ websites can be successful, sustainable, and fully accessible in meeting or exceeding requirements.

As a part of those efforts, I present publicly here and there, usually speaking on topics ranging anywhere from enterprise accessibility strategy to leveraging accessibility as a tool for innovation. My research at work and in the wee hours always centers around finding ways to transform an organization’s culture into one that empowers end-users and inspires brand loyalty. That way, everyone wins! Occasionally, I indulge in my not-so-secret passions and engage in discussions about the gamification of accessibility, using emerging technologies as learning environments, and motivational design. When not looking to start a revolution, I study virtual worlds, zombie lore, and video games.

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